Event Horizon

The event horizon is the boundary beyond which an event cannot affect or be observed by an observer. Information about an event, or light from it, reaches an observer at the speed of light. Therefore, if the source of the event is moving away from the observer faster than the speed of light, or if […]

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The change in living things over long periods of time. Evolution is the change in inherited traits as a population of organisms passes through generations. Inherited traits encompass all levels of change, from changes in DNA sequences to life forms and social behaviors. The process of evolution has led to diversity at many levels. Not

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¿Qué hace el Sol?

La luz del Sol es la fuente de la vida. Reconocemos la importancia del Sol y trabajamos para entender cómo funciona, por qué cambia y cómo nos afectan estos cambios en la Tierra. Veamos algunas de las diferentes actividades del Sol Las manchas solares aparecen y desaparecen Cuando observamos la superficie del Sol, vemos unas

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What is Swell?

What is it? Swells are commonly known as surface gravity waves. These series of surface gravity waves are not pointed wind waves caused by neighboring local winds, but rounded waves caused by distant weather systems. Waves usually have a long wavelength, but this is dependent on the size, strength, and duration of the weather system

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What is a synodic month?

A sidereal month is the time it takes for the moon to change phases once. While the Moon revolves around the Earth, the Earth also revolves around the Sun, so after one sidereal month, the Earth is about 27° more orbited around the Sun. Therefore, for the moon to be in the same phase, the

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Precursors to earthquakes

Earthquake precursors are events that precede an earthquake, and are known to begin days, months, or even years before an earthquake occurs. Some of the known seismic precursors include animal behavior, changes in groundwater levels, certain radio waves, and seismic light, but it has not yet been scientifically proven that these events are directly related

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